March 7, 2011

Ben-Hur in Sydney (ANZ Stadium): audio transport by EtherSound

Production: Stade de France Live Events
Audio technical management: GL Events Audiovisual

Staff:      F.Viricel (sound technical director GL-Events)

               J.Lyonnet (Sound system designer/engineer)
               S.Puteaux (engineer in charge of Wireless transmission)
               P.Mourdon (engineer in charge of Ethersound Network)

Products involved: L-Acoustics amplifiers connected to EtherSound via Digigram ES8out , Yamaha stageboxes and consoles, AuviTran AVM500-ES matrixes -Full control through AuviTran ESMonitor software

The stadium-scaled Ben-Hur was performed in the Olympic ANZ Stadium of Sydney on October 22d and 23th 2010: two succesful live shows performed in a stadium of 80 000 seats.

Audio distribution was planned and achived other EherSound network (Ethernet and Optical links): 32 line array clusters were connected and two AuviTran AVM500-ES matrixes allowed a highly robust star architecture.

Main user advantages as explained by Philippe Mourdon
  • system reliability (EtherSound was the unique audio transmission link)
  • routing flexibility allowed by AVM500-ES and ESMonitor
  • redundancy allowed by port A of the AVM500-ES
  • diagnostic tools in ESMonitor
  • AuviTran quality and reactivity of support

Audio distribution architecture
Rehersal  - AVM500 control page

Show time

The GL Events sound dream team 
(from left to right: P. Mourdon - J. Lyonnet, S. Putaux - F.Viricel) 

Photo credits: Philippe Mourdon and Jean Lyonnet

March 4, 2011

Stadium of Marrakech - Morrocco

Integrator: ENCOM, Morrocco
Products involved: 
38xNexo GEOS line array clusters for sound reinforcement, with a total of 196 GeoS 1230 speakers
16x Nexo NXAmp4x4 amplifiers directly connected to EtherSound via NXES104 cards
Yamaha console and DME connected to EtherSound via AuviTran AVY16-ES100 cards
4 x pairs of AuviTran AVRed-ES100/Fo for EtherSound transport through redundant optical fiber links
2 x Auvitran AVNF49-ES for supervision of the status of Ethsound connected devices
TOA audio system for voice evacuation system, linked to the sound reinforcement system as indicated in the schematic below
A brand new stadium
Stadium of Marrakech is a brand new stadium inuagurated in 2010, with a capacity of
45 000 seats.
Betting for the best quality, its audio architecture integrates well proven EtherSound based architecture, mix of Yamaha, Nexo and Auvitran products.
System audio architecture

Main architecture advantages:
  • excellent audio quality and speech intelligibility
  • fialibility and control
  • ease of cabling
  • real time system supervision
ENCOM Management team: Rachid MEDIOUNI-CEO (right), Fouad GRAR - IT Manager (left)